December 23, 2019

Fourth meetup recap: Jessica Outlaw and Social VR

For our fourth meetup, we enjoyed a conversation with Jessica Outlaw, M.S. It took place in Hubs.

Jessica is a culture and behavior researcher in immersive tech and the founder of The Extended Mind. She uses behavioral science to help XR companies build and test experiences. She does research in digital worlds, app design, and gives trainings to new and experienced designers. She is a 2017 winner of Oculus Launch Pad and her social VR insights on safety, spatial design, and the UX of VR can be downloaded from

Jessica is the recipient of a Mozilla Corporation grant. As a Fellow at Concordia University-Portland, Jessica “will help further develop the use of virtual reality (VR) technology by examining the collaboration between virtual spaces and social interactions.”

Jessica discussed social VR as a medium, took questions from the group (we were 17 at one point). She set up a breakout session where she invited participants to discuss their experience of social VR and what their ideal future for social VR would be.