November 10, 2019

Third meetup recap: AR Foundation Framework

On Wednesday, November 6, we had our third meetup at the library.

On that night, Mark Zifchock presented an introduction to the AR Foundation framework for Unity. AR Foundation provides common API for AR services, such as surface and feature detection, and can target both Android (ARCore) and Apple (ARKit) devices.

After introducing AR and general use cases, Mark discussed some theory (edge detection, blob detection, corner detection, point cloud, plane detection, etc.).

For the demonstration, Mark went through the process of installing Unity (and Unity Hub), along with related development tools, including Android build tools and Visual Studio Code.

Mark discussed Unity’s strengths as a development platform, and showed us how to prepare an Android phone for development, and then proved the deployment.

Thank you so much for this intro, Mark! 🙌


Mike shared some resources with us: